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Lofarma Biotechnology to fight Ragweed allergy

Lofarma Biotechnology to fight Ragweed allergy

Lofarma has developed a unique biotechnology to improve the safety profile and bioavailability of Allergen Immunotherapy (AIT) for Ragweed. The treatment is based on a specific chemical modification by which native allergens are modified into monomeric allergoids, adopted for the Monomeric Allergoid Immunotherapy (MAIT). This biotechnology acts on one specific aminoacid which is crucial not only for the affinity with specific IgEs, responsible for the onset of side effects, but also as  target of the proteolytic enzymes responsible for the fast degradation of the extract. This degradation reduces its bioavailability. The consequently advantaged pharmacokinetic properties and bioavailability confer to this monomeric allergoid both a rapid onset of clinical benefits and enhanced safety, and a more friendly intake by means of tablets, drops or injections.

The beneficial effects and safety of the MAIT have recently been confirmed by an Italian multicenter study coordinated by Prof. Elide Pastorello. This important study involved the clinical centers of Milano, Cesano Boscone, Pavia, Busto Arsizio, Legnano and Como. The new biotechnology adopted by Lofarma to create the MAIT gives an extra oomph to the development of Allergen Immunotherapy.

Ragweed is a seasonal weed with a gradual spread in northern Italy. It grows in fallow land and waste places, on dry and sandy coasts, along roads and railways, no more than 1.000 meters above sea level and even in unfavorable environmental conditions. Ragweed genus includes about fourty species of annual or perennial weeds.  It is currently present in middle Europe where it arrived about 80 years ago. It is gradually spreading also in France, Austria, Hungary and Italy, particularly in the district of Turin, the provinces of Varese and Milan, the district of Trieste and Friuli Venezia Giulia, now.

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